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6 Keywords to pump up your CV

We want to help make your CV leave hiring managers desperate to interview you, and entice, attract, and generate a response from the employer. So, here are 6 keywords to pump up your CV to ensure you make an impression!

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1. Improved.

Every employer wants somebody who can make improvements, and your CV should highlight how you have achieved such success in the past.

Example: My strategy improved customer satisfaction rates by 35% within six months.

2. Increased.

This is what empIoyers are looking for when it comes to revenues, customers, profit margins, and sales. The ability to increase, shows that you are intent on making things better and more successful. Example: My leadership resulted in an increase in team productivity & customer retention.

3. Reduced.

This word can be associated with a negative action, but in business the opposite can be true—provided you are reducing the right things. Good examples can include reducing the carbon footprint or expenses.

Example: My team reduced customer waiting times by more than 24 hours.

4. Negotiated.

Employers value strong negotiators—people who can work with diplomacy and achieve outcomes that are beneficial to multiple parties.

Example: I successfully negotiated a new strategic partnership, reducing our monthly expenses by 15%.

5. Delivered.

This is your opportunity to show how you can take ownership of something and deliver desired positive results - something that employers always want to see from their new employees.

Example: My team delivered a record high in alternative funding, in the financial year ending 2020.

6. Resolved.

An individual who can resolve issues is invaluable, reminding hiring managers that business and challenges are inescapable. The ability to resolve and work around such challenges present extra value.

Example: I resolved an existing funding issue by using a new crowdfunding platform.


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This blog post was written & published by Intern Colombia on 12 May 2021


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