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Why Us?

Our purpose is to provide life-changing experiences to students from around the world to immerse into a completely new culture and step out of comfort zones whilst developing personal and professional skills that will maximize potential and complement career goals and plans.

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All-inclusive internship programs

Intern Colombia offers a multitude of services to create the best possible experience abroad for you. All our programs include housing (and rent), visa, airport pick-up, city tour & orientation, transportation card, local Sim card, city map, social events & cultural events, city excursions, 24/7 support and more. Our services ensure the process and your transition abroad are as smooth as possible, giving you nothing to worry about so you can enjoy our internship programs to the fullest. Our Cultural Coordinator hosts organized events so you can meet other international interns & experience authentic Colombian culture.

Internships exclusively in Colombia

Our internship programs in Colombia are designed to be life-changing, and more than just an internship. Unlike other internship programs, Intern Colombia provides internships exclusively in one country. Our close relationship with our partners allows us to monitor the level of work responsibilities given to each intern. Intern Colombia’s requirement from all our partners is that each intern feels challenged and/or is learning new skills. Our mission is to support the personal and professional development of every participant, and to equip each individual with the skills needed to stand out and succeed in the global workplace. 

internships in colombia
internships in colombia

24-7 support and advice

Your adventure to Colombia starts as soon as you secure and confirm your place on our internship program. We take care of every aspect of your arrival and your time in Colombia. In addition to the 24-7 on-ground support from local staff, our team will always go the extra mile for you. To ensure you settle in as quickly as possible and adapt to your new surroundings, you are offered a City Tour & Orientation, a member of our team will greet you at the airport, and we also accompany you on the first day of your internship.

Colombia a unique destination

The dynamic environment and cultural vibrancy make Colombia a unique destination to undertake an internship abroad. Colombia is now an emerging global player with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and over the last decade Colombia has re-branded itself and is a nation re-born now firmly on the path to peace and prosperity. The country's new image has led to a rise in tourism & Colombia is now one of Latin America’s hot new tourist destinations.

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Our Stories

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"My internship experience has been the best experience of my life. Coming here I really learned a lot about myself, and Colombia is amazing, they have the best people ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity or better experience in Colombia."

Kattaree, USA

Social Media & Marketing Intern

8 KEY benefits of undertaking an internship abroad.

An internship abroad is an adventure in self-discovery with many benefits for career & personal development, enabling you to get a step ahead in your career and to become truly bi-cultural. The benefits of doing an international internship are endless. We’ve put together a summary of what we believe are the most valuable.

Stand out from the crowd

An internship abroad distinguishes yourself from the competition in an increasingly competitive global labour market. Only a minority of students undertake an internship abroad. It is great way to show employees your level of confidence, interpersonal skills, and initiative before they have even met you. These are three important attributes for employment in any career field.

Expand your global network

An international internship provides you with the opportunity to build a global network. This can introduce you to an entirely new network, and influential industry experts. They will be like-minded individuals, who will be undertaking the same experience as you, which can lead to friendships that will last a lifetime, something which is invaluable for your future.

Personal, academic, and professional growth

Transformative inter-cultural learning experiences through our internships will undoubtedly lead to personal, academic, and professional development. Jumping into a new culture is not easy, but a challenge well-worth undertaking. You will push the boundaries of what you are capable of and grow in independence, giving you confidence to take on challenges in the future.

Make an impact

Intern Colombia's first-class internship programs in Latin America provides you with the opportunity to leave a real and lasting impact. Our internships are an essential part of short-term and medium-term projects leading to concrete positive impacts for the local economy and local communities in Colombia.

Live like a local : discover a new country 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself into a completely new culture whilst at the same time developing your career orientated skills. You will be able to involve yourself with the local community and ingrain yourself with people that live in Colombia, resulting in a unique and authentic experience as a citizen rather than a visitor.

Become a Global Citizen

Expand your cross-cultural understanding and increase your global awareness by doing an internship abroad, giving you the opportunity to better understand your cultural values and beliefs in a new context.

Earn academic credit & fulfil academic goals (if applicable)

If you’re still at university Intern Colombia encourages students to connect their internship experience to their academic life and goals. Our internships programs can provide you with academic credit and can also form part of your thesis.

Improve your language skills or learn a new language

Full cultural immersion is the best way to become fluent in a second language. Most employers now favour employees who possess foreign language skills over those who don’t. Whether you become fluent or are just able to pick up the basics, your language skills will make you more marketable to future employers.  

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