Our Team.

Matthew Barfield : Program Director
Matthew graduated with a degree in International Relations with Spanish from the University of Birmingham. Before founding Intern Colombia, Matthew worked as a Consultant at a FTSE 250 company in London. He has also lived in Spain where he spent a year studying at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and perfected his Spanish. Matthew first fell in love with Colombia when he visited the country in 2009 during a 3-month tour of South America, and is determined to help change the image of the country around the world through international education.

Languages: English (Native) & Spanish

Camila Marín
Admissions & Partnerships Manager
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Camila Marín : Admissions & Partnerships Manager
Camila graduated from the Andes University in Languages and Sociocultural Studies with a minor in Cultural Management. She worked with us in 2019 and re-joined Intern Colombia in April 2021 because she loves learning about new cultures and showing what being Colombian is all about. Camila has worked at the National Museum of Colombia and the Modern Museum of Bogota. She has also lived in Germany, England and USA. Her mother tongue is Spanish, but she speaks fluent English and German. Camila loves hanging out with friends, reading, playing sports, going to the cinema, art galleries and museums, and travelling. Her most recent trip was to Mexico.

Languages: Spanish (Native), English & German

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Paula Espeleta
Events & Cultural Coordinator
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Paula Espeleta : Events & Cultural Coordinator
Paula graduated in Social Communications & Journalism from La Sabana University. She lived for six months in Canada and was fascinated with the diversity of cultures that she discovered. She loves music and is passionate about dancing. Paula joined Intern Colombia to help people who visit Colombia have the best experience and leave delighted having experienced local cuisine and the typical music of this beautiful country.

Languages : Spanish (Native) and English

Ginna Lozano
European Representative
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Ginna Lozano : European Representative

Ginna is a BA graduate in Marketing & International Business from the Sergio Arboleda University and has a postgraduate degree in Media Communications. Ginna lived in the USA which raised her interest in learning about different cultures and gave her insight into what living in a different country means. This is why she is passionate about making sure everyone she meets has a great experience in Colombia! She enjoys cycling and loves maracuya ice cream, and currently lives in Luxembourg.

Languages : Spanish (Native), English and German

Matthew Barfield
Program Director
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