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We have created this section to answer any questions you may have about your son or daughter participating in our internship programs in Colombia.

Your child’s experience in Colombia is designed to be life changing, and more than just an internship. Our first-class internship programs in Colombia aim to support their personal and professional development, to equip them with the international experience, intercultural skills, and interpersonal skills needed to stand out and succeed in the global workplace.

We provide 24-7 support throughout the entire process and duration of their internship. We ensure that we provide unrivalled personal attention to every intern, ensuring they are safe always and can enjoy the best of Colombia, while they have an experience of a lifetime.

We respect, value and support each individual applicant and intern.

Our Record

Intern Colombia has connected students, graduates and young professionals from around the world with internships in Colombia. Unlike other internship providers we work exclusively in Colombia, therefore all our attention is dedicated to our interns, providing them with an unrivalled experience.

Our current review rating on is

Our current review rating on is 99

You can visit our
YouTube Channel and watch videos about the experiences of previous interns in Colombia or visit Our Alumni page.


Internships in Colombia Intern Colombia Internships Abroad Internships in South America Internships in Latin America

Colombia is one of the most exciting and fastest developing countries in Latin America, where the spoken Spanish is beautiful and where the people are extremely welcoming & friendly.

Our services ensure the process and transition abroad are as smooth as possible for your child, giving you & them nothing to worry about so they can enjoy our internship programs to the fullest. Moving to a new country can be daunting but with support from our team and all our services such as providing visas, accommodation, airport pick-up, organizing regular social, cultural and networking events, city tour & orientation and our 24-7 support, we make everything as simple as possible.

We are
available 24-7, our team will always go the extra mile for your child. Their safety and happiness are our top priority. Whether it be somebody for them to talk to, answer general questions, buy medicines from the pharmacy, or to provide travel tips for them to enjoy the best of Colombia in their free time, we are always available.

Please click here to see a full list of What's Included in our internship programs in Colombia.

Internships in Colombia Intern Colombia Internships Abroad Internships in South America Internships in Latin America

Pre-Arrival & Arrival


Throughout the entire application process, we have the best interests of your child at heart, and our team ensures we match them with an internship program that best suits their profile, interests, and preferences.

We also provide advice on medical insurance, flights to Colombia, and we will send your child a pre-departure information pack which provides some useful tips and advice about their destination.


A member of our team will be waiting to collect your son or daughter from the airport, and they are taken directly to their accommodation.

Before they began their internship, they will have a city tour & orientation and be given our Intern Colombia Welcome Package (local SIM card + 1 month of data, local transportation card and more). They will also be instructed about what to do in case of an emergency, where to go, and who to contact. A member of our team will accompany your child on the first day of their internship.

We provide 24-7 on-ground support.


We take care of all accommodation needs and we will ensure their housing options are within 45 minutes of their internship by bus or walking. We only provide housing in the nicest areas of the city and apartments will be shared either with other young Colombian professionals/students and/or other international interns.

Housing in Colombia Internships Programs in Colombia Internships Programs in South America Internship Programs in Latin America International Internships

All accommodation will include;

  • Private bedroom

  • Bed (with bed sheets) within bedroom

  • Wardrobe within bedroom

  • Facilities for cooking

  • Hygienic storage for food

  • Bathroom with toilet & shower facilities (with hot water)

  • Gas, electricity, and water

  • Wi-Fi  

  • Communal area for socialising

Family Homestay in Colombia Internships Programs in Colombia Internships Programs in South America Internship Programs in Latin America International Internships

Shared Accommodation.
Live in the heart of your destination city with other international interns from over 100 countries, along with local and international students from Colombia and South America. Enjoy easy access to your internship by public transportation or walking – as well as the city’s shopping facilities, restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, and local attractions. Intern Colombia accommodation varies, but often offer meal plans at an additional cost.

Family Homestay Accommodation.

Experience maximum cultural immersion by living with welcoming local hosts in a private home. Gain an insight into the local culture, pick up expressions, and return home with a more authentic Spanish accent and a greater insight into Colombian life. Enjoy breakfast and dinner with your host family. Intern Colombia Homestays are usually located in upscale residential neighbourhoods and are close to public transportation.

Program Fees.

If your son or daughter is successful in their application, they will be required to confirm their place by making an initial deposit payment of 500 USD. As places are limited, the deposit payment acts as confirmation your child is happy to proceed to the next stage of the application process and is committed to coming to Colombia.

This fee is deducted from the final program fee.

Once we have received the deposit payment and their place is confirmed we can proceed to arranging interviews with our partners. We will best match their profile and preferences with one of our partners.

After their internship is confirmed, all that is left to do is confirm with your child their start date, duration of internship, and book flights to Colombia before beginning an experience of a lifetime!

Please click here to see our Program Fees and Start Dates.

Your son or daughter will be required to pay the remainder of their program fee before they arrive to Colombia. This final program fee payment must be paid no later than 8 weeks before their arrival to Colombia.


All our services, including accommodation & rent, are already included in our Premium Program. If your child wishes to find their own accommodation they can opt for our Economy Program, which includes all our services except for accommodation.

Please click here to see a full list of What’s Included in our internships in Colombia.

Flights, medical insurance, food and drink are not included, and your child will need to budget for these. We advise budgeting for around 75 USD – 200 USD per week.

How to contact your child when they are in Colombia

We will help your child to acquire a local sim card for their phone upon arrival in order to stay in contact with our local staff in Colombia, their internship placement company and their fellow interns, as well as to enable international communication in case they need to get in contact with family or friends quickly.

If you are unable to contact your child, feel free to call our offices and speak with a member of our team, so that we can get in touch with your child on the ground.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed in this section or require further information, please feel free to contact a member of our team. We will aim to reply within 48-hours.

Please click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Phone: +57 300-608-5573
WhatsApp: +57 300-608-5573


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