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Application Process

Who can apply to do an internship in Colombia?

Our internship programs in Colombia are open to pre-graduates, students, graduates, professionals and career changers. We look for bright, intelligent, positive & pro-active applicants with a desire to live an unforgettable experience in Colombia.

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish to do an internship in Colombia?

No! Some of our internship programs in Colombia do require an Intermediate or Advanced level of Spanish. However, we do provide internships in Colombia that do not require Spanish. Before you arrive we advise you to learn some basic Spanish & useful phrases in order to make the most of your time in Colombia. Please note, advanced English is a requirement.

How does the application process work?

Our simple Five-Step Application process is designed to be as transparent and smooth as possible for you. We accept applicants year-round but priority is given to candidates who apply and confirm their place early.

Please click here to see each step explained in more detail.

You can start the application process by completing and submitting our Application Form, a member of our team will then contact you to request your updated CV and a Motivational Letter. After our team reviews your application details, CV and Motivational Letter - if successful - you will be invited to undertake a personal assessment interview via Skype with our Program Director.

When do I need to apply to do an internship in Colombia?

We accept applications all-year-round but priority is given to candidates who apply and confirm their place early. We advise applying at least 3 months before your preferred internship start date. Please note, places on our internship programs are usually limited from May until August, therefore it is advisable if you wish to start an internship in this time period to begin the application process as soon as possible.

Is there a deadline to apply?

No! We accept applications all-year-round but priority is given to candidates who apply and confirm their place early. We advise applying at least 3 months before your preferred internship start date.

Are the internships paid?

The majority of our internship programs are not paid. However, some of our partners will provide some form of compensation to cover your costs such as food and/or transportation. Legally in Colombia an intern cannot be paid or renumerated for their work.

Can I earn academic credit with an internship in Colombia?

Yes! If you’re still studying at university or studying a Master's degree you can earn academic credit through an international internship in Colombia. Intern Colombia encourages students to connect their internship experience to their academic life and goals. Our internships programs can provide you with academic credit and can also form part of your thesis.

Safety & Travel

Is Colombia safe for foreigners?

Yes! Colombia has completely transformed over the last decade, and safety has vastly improved with the Government on the brink of signing an historic Peace Agreement with the FARC. In 2014, approximately 4 million people visited the country and Colombia is fast becoming one of Latin America's hot new tourist destinations.

Since 2006, the number of international visitors to Colombia has increased by over 250%. Like in any foreign country, common sense applies. If basic precautions are maintained like not exhibiting too much luxury clothing, jewellery, watches, or expensive cameras, you will live an unforgettable experience in Colombia.

How much money do I need during my internship?

We advise that you bring enough money to buy food & drink for the duration of your internship in Colombia. On average you are likely to need at least $50 USD per week. Prices of basic products of food & drink can be found in our Intern Colombia Pre-Arrival Info Pack.

*Please note the figure stated may vary due to currency fluctuations.

When should I book my flights to Colombia?

We recommend booking your flight to Colombia once your internship placement has been confirmed. Usually this is 2-3 months before your internship start date.er’s start date.

Do I need insurance?

Yes! First, check with your parents to see if you are covered overseas under their insurance plan. If not, you are required to have health and/or travel insurance for the duration of your internship in Colombia. Details of your insurance must be sent to our team before you travel to Colombia.

Program Fee

What's included in the Program Fee?

Intern Colombia provides first-class international internships in Colombia combined with an unforgettable, authentic, and intercultural experience.

​Our services allow us to find the ideal internship for you – something that if you tried to undertake yourself may take months, and even after expressing an interest directly with companies you may never receive a response.

Our services include housing during the entire duration of your Internship in Colombia. This way you have one less thing to worry about, and won’t have to go through the trouble of searching for medium-term to short-term accommodation in a foreign country and running into obstacles.

Intern Colombia also provides;
- pre-departure assistance
- airport pick-up
- 24/7 local support
- city tour and orientation
- welcome package (local sim card + 1 month of data, local transportation card, city map and more)
- organized social events, cultural events and networking events
- introductory salsa class
- spanish classes (add-on)

We will make the process and your transition abroad as smooth as possible.

What is the difference between the Premium Program and the Economy Program?

The only difference is that with our Intern Colombia Economy Program accommodation & housing are not included.

Does the Program Fee include Flights?

Flights are not included in the Program Fee. Prior to your departure we will advise you on travel arrangements to Colombia.

Does the Program Fee include Health and/or Travel Insurance?

Health and/or Travel Insurance is not included in the Program Fee. Prior to your departure we will advise you on Health and/or Travel Insurance based on value-for-money & the experiences of other Interns.

Does the Program Fee include Accommodation?

Yes! Our Premium Program includes all our services to ensure you have an unforgettable experience during your time in Colombia. Housing is included and your Program Fee covers your rent during your time in Colombia, giving you one less thing to worry about!

If you want to take more responsibility in managing your Internship in Colombia, we also offer our Intern Colombia Economy Program. This does not include Housing. However, we will still provide advice on how to go about finding accommodation in Colombia.

When is the Program Fee paid?

Once your internship placement is confirmed with one of our partners, we will send you the program fee invoice. The program fee must be paid at least 8 weeks before your internship program start date and before your arrive to Colombia. Your initial deposit payment will be deducted from your final program fee.

In summary, the program fee must be paid before you arrive to Colombia and is required only after your internship placement with one of our partners has been confirmed.


Do I need to get a VISA before traveling to Colombia?

In order to undertake an internship in Colombia it is a legal requirement that every intern obtains a VISA. The majority of nationalities can obtain a VISA upon arrival at the Airport in Colombia, however certain nationalities have to request a Visa before travelling.

Please click here to see the list of nationalities that can obtain a VISA upon arrival at the Airport in Colombia with our supporting document.

Please note, the initial VISA lasts for up to 90 days and can be extended to 180 days. The maximum amount of time that you can be in Colombia is 180 days in a calendar year.

Do you provide summer internships?

Yes! Priority is given to applicants who apply and confirm their place early. If you would like to do a summer internship in Colombia during summer (June, July, August and/or September) we advise starting your application process no later than April. Our international internship programs are exclusively in Colombia, therefore places for our summer internships can be limited.