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What's included?

Our services ensure the process and your transition abroad are as smooth as possible, giving you nothing to worry about. We take care of every aspect of your arrival and your time in Colombia, ensuring you have the best possible experience.

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Internships in Colombia Intern Colombia Internships Abroad Internships in South America Internships in Latin America

Intern Colombia offers a multitude of services to create the best possible experience abroad for you. We will ensure you settle in as quickly as possible in order to gain the maximum benefit from your internship abroad, providing you with an unrivalled experience and enabling you to enjoy our internship programs to the fullest. 

Unlike other internship programs, Intern Colombia provides all-inclusive internships exclusively in one country.


Our Services

Our team will support you before your arrival, accompany you on the first day of your internship and provide 24/7 support & advice from local staff. 

Our services include:


  • Internship placement that matches your profile and preferences

  • Visa letter

  • Pre-arrival support & advice

  • Airport pick-up

  • Accommodation (rent included)

  • City tour & orientation

  • Welcome Package (local SIM card + 1 month of data, local transportation card and more)

  • Social, Cultural and Networking Events

  • Day trips & excursions

  • 24/7 on-ground support

  • Introductory Salsa Class

  • Spanish Classes (add-on)

  • Certificate of completion (upon request)

*Please note, flights & health/travel insurance are not included & you will need to have a weekly budget for food & drink.

Internships Programs for aspirational students.

Whether you're a student looking to obtain university credit, looking for an opportunity during a gap year or university year abroad, or you'd like to spend your next holiday in Colombia - the rising star of Latin America - we have internship programs designed just for you.  University students will find a range of internship programs linked to 24 academic disciplines in one of the most exciting destinations in the world to complement their studies and which are compatible with all the requirements of leading universities. 

Immersion Experiences.

There is no better way to learn a new language and discover a new country & culture than to immerse yourself in it, whether you are a career changer, young professional, recent graduate or student looking for an internship abroad to complement your studies or to gain university credit. Intern Colombia has helped connect people from all over the world with internships in Colombia combined with a cultural immersion experience. As part of every program, you will be given a 
City Tour & Orientation,  you can opt-in to complement your internship in Colombia with Spanish Classes at a discounted rate with one of our approved partners, and on a fortnightly basis our Events Manager & Cultural Coordinator will host organized Social, Cultural & Networking Events so you can meet other international interns and experience real & authentic Colombian culture.

Summer internships.

If you're interested in undertaking a summer internship in Colombia during the months of June, July, August or September we advise starting your application process no later than April. Our international internship programs are exclusively in Colombia. We accept applicants year-round for our internship programs, but priority is given to candidates who apply and confirm their place early. Places for our summer internship programs in Colombia can be limited.

Virtual & remote internships.

If you are unable to travel, we're excited to offer you virtual internships with companies & organizations in Colombia that will provide you with real-world experience in your chosen career field. You will work with a supervisor on specific projects that will help you gain practical career skills & experience in your chosen industry. Throughout the virtual internship experience you will expand your knowledge and experience of working with emerging technologies and have the flexibility to fit your online internship with your schedule.

See how far you can go

Our international internship programs in Colombia & will help you thrive in a fast-paced emerging economy that encourages transformative inter-cultural learning experiences leading to personal, academic, and professional development.

Stand out from the crowd

An internship abroad distinguishes yourself from the competition in an increasingly competitive global labour market. Only a minority of students undertake an internship abroad. It is great way to show employees your level of confidence, interpersonal skills, and initiative before they have even met you. These are three important attributes for employment in any career field.

Expand your global network

An international internship provides you with the opportunity to build a global network. This can introduce you to an entirely new network, and influential industry experts. They will be like-minded individuals, who will be undertaking the same experience as you, which can lead to friendships that will last a lifetime, something which is invaluable for your future.

Personal, academic, and professional growth

Transformative inter-cultural learning experiences through our internships will undoubtedly lead to personal, academic, and professional development. Jumping into a new culture is not easy, but a challenge well-worth undertaking. You will push the boundaries of what you are capable of and grow in independence, giving you confidence to take on challenges in the future.

Make an impact

Intern Colombia's first-class internship programs in Latin America provides you with the opportunity to leave a real and lasting impact. Our internships are an essential part of short-term and medium-term projects leading to concrete positive impacts for the local economy and local communities in Colombia.

Become a Global Citizen

Expand your cross-cultural understanding and increase your global awareness by doing an internship abroad, giving you the opportunity to better understand your cultural values and beliefs in a new context.

Live like a local : discover a new country 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself into a completely new culture whilst at the same time developing your career orientated skills. You will be able to involve yourself with the local community and ingrain yourself with people that live in Colombia, resulting in a unique and authentic experience as a citizen rather than a visitor.

Earn academic credit & fulfil academic goals (if applicable)

If you’re still at university Intern Colombia encourages students to connect their internship experience to their academic life and goals. Our internships programs can provide you with academic credit, and can also form part of your thesis.

Improve your language skills or learn a new language

Full cultural immersion is the best way to become fluent in a second language. Most employers now favour employees who possess foreign language skills over those who don’t. Whether you become fluent or are just able to pick up the basics, your language skills will make you more marketable to future employers.  

Your home away from home

Intern Colombia makes it easy to live and intern abroad.

international internship in South America
summer internship in South America

Co-living Accommodation.
Live in the heart of your destination city with other international interns from over 100 countries, along with local and international students from Colombia and South America. Enjoy easy access to your internship by public transportation or walking – as well as the city’s shopping facilities, restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, and local attractions. Intern Colombia accommodation varies, but often offer meal plans at an additional cost.


Family Homestay Accommodation.

Experience maximum cultural immersion by living with welcoming local hosts in a private home. Gain an insight into the local culture, pick up expressions, and return home with a more authentic Spanish accent and a greater insight into Colombian life. Enjoy breakfast and dinner with your host family. Intern Colombia Homestays are usually located in upscale residential neighbourhoods and are close to public transportation.

All accommodation will include;

  • Private bedroom

  • Bed (with bed sheets) within bedroom

  • Wardrobe within bedroom

  • Facilities for cooking

  • Hygienic storage for food

  • Bathroom with toilet & shower facilities (with hot water)

  • Gas, electricity, and water

  • Wi-Fi  

  • Communal area for socialising

internships in Colombia


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