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9 signs you are ready to do an internship abroad

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

So, you’re thinking about doing an internship abroad but you’re not sure if you are 100% ready to take the next step. How do you know when you’re ready?

Well, to help you we have put together a list of nine signs that are often mentioned to us by successful applicants for our internship programs in Colombia. If you can relate to just one of these, it is time to get out your passport and get yourself ready for a life-changing experience. If you can’t really identify with any of them and don’t feel ready, that’s okay, too. You can get in touch with a member of our team.

Everybody knows about your desire to go abroad

Your social group and family are all aware of your plans to see the world, expand your cross-cultural understanding and increase your global awareness. You’re so excited, you are dropping your plans into every conversation and telling everyone (maybe even strangers) about where you want to go and why.

You want to learn more

If you’re not fluent in the language yet, you feel a bit frustrated at only being able to speak it at any other level that is not fluent! You’re eager to learn, converse with locals as soon as you arrive, you’re already practicing and imagining certain scenarios and how you would respond or handle them, and you have already set yourself the goal of becoming a master in the language before your internship abroad is over.

Young man standing on building

You have a strong interest or obsession with the culture of one country or region

Films, TV shows, music, radio shows, or podcasts are all related to the country or region you want to experience, it gives you a useful insight into the culture and the language they speak. However, when you start making Spotify lists, adding random movies to your list on Netflix, and you’re taking notice of just about anything at all related to the country or region, it is clear it is becoming an obsession and time to the next step; breathe, feel, hear, taste, and see all that the country has to offer in REAL life.

Young woman on a beach

Your local surroundings no longer interest you

Your local surroundings are starting to get a bit predictable, repetitive, and we’ll come right out and say it – boring! You’re eager to experience something new and immerse yourself in a completely new culture. There’s a world out there and you want to experience it. You can no longer keep the adventurous globetrotting explorer inside yourself quiet, you need to travel!

You want to mix professional, personal, and academic development with learning a language or improving your language skills

Jumping into a new culture is not easy, but a challenge well-worth undertaking and one you feel confident of doing successfully. You want to push the boundaries of what you are capable of, grow in independence and confidence, and apply what you have learnt during your studies in a professional and global work environment while simultaneously learning a new language or improving your language skills. Internships close to home in a developed country just don’t appeal to you as much as interning abroad in an emerging economy.

You want the ‘life in another country’ experience

You want to see how people live on a day-to-day basis during your internship abroad, back-packing or a holiday just isn’t what you’re looking for. Experiencing life as a citizen rather than a tourist is where it’s at, nothing else will suffice but full cultural immersion. Going to a place where nobody knows you fills you with excitement, perhaps a bit of nerves and anxiety also, but these are now clearly outweighed by anticipation, eagerness, enthusiasm and emotion. You want to involve yourself with the local community and ingrain yourself with local people.

Intern in Bogotá

Google has become your best friend

Your dream itinerary is already planned, and you know what activities you want to do and what places you want to visit in your host country. You can’t wait to go, you’ve already started researching, creating lists - and for those with an extreme obsession - Google Maps has likely become an essential tool for you to preview cities, landmarks, restaurants, bars, and any other type of interesting place you want to experience.

Your social media accounts are already filling up with things about one country or region

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube are all now filled with amazing photos, videos and publications related to your country or region of interest, you’re also probably following news publications in a foreign language, and you’re now imaging yourself visiting these places, taking selfies, discussing hot topics with locals, and excited you will be able to show your friends and family back home all the awesome places you visited and all the amazing things you experienced while interning abroad.

Intern in Guatape

You want to help others and make an impact

Getting involved in a hands-on social project that will improve the lives of others or help instigate a positive social change in another country is something that appeals to you much more than just another night out or weekend with your friends. You want to throw yourself into a project or cause where you can make a real and lasting impact, with concrete positive changes for the local economy and local communities. Perhaps helping underprivileged children, defending human rights, promoting women’s rights, peace-building, eradicating hunger or poverty, supporting social development or community development, whatever it might be it is something close to your heart that you want to contribute to.

Intern Colombia provides the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences and memories during your internship abroad in Colombia. If you are a student, graduate, or young professional we can find an internship that is right for you. If you’re still at university, students can connect their internship experience to their academic life and goals. Our internships programs can provide you with academic credit and can also form part of your thesis.


If you would like to know more about Colombia or what it's like to do an internship program in South America. Please contact a member of our team. To learn more about our new remote internships & virtual internships - click here.

This blog post was written & published by Intern Colombia on 25 June 2018

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